Michael Slinn (

10 May 2019


cad lecture - Cadenza Client™ curriculum management command provides lecture-level authoring support.


General Form

cad [OPTION]… lecture [ACTION_OPTIONS]… id [ACTION]

Action Variations

In addition to the subcommand variations common to all curriculum management commands, cad group supports the following:

cad [OPTION]… lecture id newCollaboration


cad lecture is a Cadenza Client curriculum management command for authoring lecture content. The lecture is referred to by its id, and directories are named after its sku, for example lecture_scalaOverview. This command performs lecture-level operations. The cad lecture command maintains parallel subdirectory trees within $cadenzaCurriculum and $cadenzaCreative. Directory paths are computed for each tree corresponding to the lecture’s section name and course SKU; for example $cadenzaCurriculum/


See man cad-curriculum for ACTION_OPTIONS common to all curriculum management commands.


In addition to the subcommand actions common to all curriculum management commands, cad section supports the following: newCollaboration : TODO Port old code for setting up a collaborator. Collaborations are only possible at a section or lecture level, otherwise collaborators should be considered authors.


cad lecture 55 fetch
Make a new repo called lecture_scalaOverview based on the contents of the lecture with id 55. (Re)download course #55 curriculum content from database and S3 buckets. If uncommitted changes to lecture’s git repo, ask user if the changes should be committed before fetching. If no git repo, makes one.
cad lecture -D 55 fetch
Make a new repo called lecture_scalaOverview based on the contents of the lecture with id 55 but do not create a git repo.
cad lecture -r 55 fetch
Throw away GitHub repo for lecture #55 if it exists and recreate
cad lecture -o 55 fetch
Overwrite local content for lecture #55 and recreate from production database
cad lecture -ro 55 fetch
Recreate local content from production database and save to fresh git repository
pushd `cad lecture 55 dir`
Make the directory containing lecture #55 current. The cad lecture 55 dir command returns lecture #55’s directory within $cadenzaCurriculum.
cad lecture 55 newCreative template_2017.prproj
Create a Premiere Pro project with Adobe Audition audio files set up for the lecture with id 55, using the template_2017.prproj template.
cad lecture 55 audioFromTitles
Build a new Adobe Audition audio project from lecture 55 transcript titles
cad lecture 55 newRepo
Wipe out any existing GitHub project for lecture 55 and make a new one, check in current stuff. Use regular git commands as content is authored.
cad lecture 55 publish
Upload local lecture 55 content to the production database and S3 bucket
cad lecture 55 aa
Launch Adobe Audition for lecture 55 audio projects
cad lecture 55 pp
Launch Adobe Premiere Pro for lecture 55 video.


cad site(1), cad group(1), cad course(1), cad section(1), cad lectureProps(1) and cad(1)