Michael Slinn (

10 May 2019


cad course - Cadenza Client™ curriculum management command provides course-level authoring support.


General Form:

cad [OPTION]… course [ACTION_OPTIONS]… id [ACTION]

Action variations:

In addition to the subcommand variations common to all curriculum management commands, cad group supports the following:



cad course is a set of Cadenza Client curriculum management commands for authoring course-level content. This command performs course-level operations, including fetching a course’s sections and lectures. The cad course command maintains parallel subdirectory trees within $cadenzaCurriculum and $cadenzaCreative. Directory paths are computed for each tree corresponding to the course’s group name and the course SKU; for example $cadenzaCurriculum/

A course id is required if the -a switch is not used. Sample course ids for are:

Introduction to Scala
Intermediate Scala
Introduction to Play with Scala


See man cad-curriculum for ACTION_OPTIONS common to all curriculum management commands.


In addition to the subcommand actions common to all curriculum management commands, cad course supports the following:



pushd `cad course 40 dir`
Make the directory containing course #40 current. The cad course 40 dir command returns course #40’s directory within $cadenzaCurriculum.
cad course 40 dw
Launch DreamWeaver on course-level content for course #40 (Intro to Scala).
cad course 40 dw
Launch DreamWeaver on course-level content for course #40.
cad course 40 audioFromTitles
Build a new Adobe Audition audio project for course-level project from course #40 transcript titles.
cad course 40 newRepo
Wipe out any existing GitHub project for course #40 and make a new one, check in current stuff. Use regular git commands as content is authored.
cad course 40 fetch
(Re)download all of the content for course #40’s sections and lectures from the active database and the active S3 buckets. If there are uncommitted changes to course’s git repo, the user is asked if the changes should be committed before fetching. A git repo is created if it does not already exist. For the ScalaCourses site, this fetches everything associated with course #40 (Introduction to Scala) into the $cadenzaCurriculum/ directory; creates the directory structure for the section’s lecture and their assets from the database and S3 buckets, and creates new git repos for the sections’ lectures.
cad course -r 40 fetch
Also recurses by fetching sections & their lectures.
cad course -D 40 fetch
Build $cadenzaCurriculum directory tree for course #40, but don’t retrieve lectures or create git repos.
cad course 40 newCreative template_2017.prproj
Create a Premiere Pro project with Adobe Audition audio files set up for the promo video for the course with id 40, using the template_2017.prproj template.


cad site(1), cad group(1), cad courseProps(1), cad section(1), cad lecture(1) and cad(1)