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10 May 2019


cad-admin - Cadenza Client™ Administration


General format:


Action variations:

cad [OPTION]… admin [ACTION_OPTIONS]… db localhost | production

cad [OPTION]… admin [ACTION_OPTIONS]… database localhost | production

cad [OPTION]… admin [ACTION_OPTIONS]… linkRepos what id

cad [OPTION]… admin [ACTION_OPTIONS]… root default | uname | otherName

cad [OPTION]… admin [ACTION_OPTIONS]… roots

cad [OPTION]… admin [ACTION_OPTIONS]… status


cad admin provides a command-line administrative capability for cadenzaClient.

Most often the cad admin command would be run in order to select the database or a directory mapping. By default, two databases are defined: production and localhost. Run cad admin to move between databases.

The cad admin command reads from and writes to ~/.cadenzaClient.json.


db localhost|production
… or type ‘database’ instead of ‘db’
database localhost|production
… does the same thing as the previous example
linkRepos id
Link repositories into a tree of subprojects
root default|uname|otherName
Use the default set of root directory mappings, or the mapping keyed to the local machine’s network name, or any other specified name.
List all root directory mappings
Report on directory mapping roots and databases


Show this man page.


cad admin -h
Show this man page
cad admin db localhost
Start using local Postgres database
cad admin db production
Start using production Postgres database
cad admin database production
‘database’ is an alias for db
cad admin root default
Start using the roots defined by the default roots configuration
cad admin root uname
Start using the root directory mappings defined by the roots configuration matching this computer’s network name
cad admin root camille
Start using the root directory mappings defined by the camille roots configuration
cad admin linkRepos group 103
Link repositories for the group with the specified id using subprojects
cad admin linkRepos course 40
Link course repositories together using subprojects
cad admin linkRepos section 103
Link section repositories together using subprojects
cad admin status
Sample output:
Wed May  1 18:26:57 DST 2019

The 2 databases are: localhost, production.
Active database is 'production'.

The 4 root maps are: backup, default, camille, dmz, gojira.
The following cadenzaHome directory mappings for 'camille' are currently active:
  cadenzaClient     = $cadenzaHome/cadenzaClient
  cadenzaCode       = $cadenzaHome/cadenzaCode
  cadenzaCreative   = /mnt/n/cadenzaCreative
  cadenzaCurriculum = $cadenzaHome/cadenzaCurriculum
  cadenzaServer     = $cadenzaHome/cadenzaServer"